Fleet Training/Driving for Work

Did you know at least one in three (31%) fatal crashes and one in four (26%) serious injury crashes on Britain’s roads involves someone driving for work? These statistics likely underestimate the real figures as journey purpose is not usually recorded by Police and unlike other work related injuries, those caused by driving for work are not recorded by the Health & Safety Executive.

Why is driving for work such a risk?
Nearly all crashes (around 95%) are down to driver error and those driving for work are susceptible to a wide variety of risks such as distraction as they attempt to maintain contact with colleagues, clients and family or speeding as they attempt to keep to a busy work schedule whilst long hours on the road exposes drivers to increased fatigue and stress.

What does a ‘Driving for Work’ course cover?
We will work with you to develop a course which fits your business, most commonly we would cover:
Vehicle Checks – Inadequate vehicle maintenance can costs lives whilst regular vehicle checks can save time and money by limiting off road time by identifying any preventive maintenance issues early.
Eco Driving – Driving in a fuel efficient manner not only saves fuel (up to 15%) and emissions, the skills to drive economically can also lead to less wear and tear on the vehicle thereby reducing your running costs!
On-Road Training – We’ll deliver on-road training covering a variety of road types and scenarios including parking and manoeuvring both on and off road.
Debrief – We’ll discuss with the driver their key development points from the session and provide the employer (and ideally the employee) with a written report following the training.

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