Become a Driving Instructor

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has a comprehensive guide to the process of becoming a driving instructor on their website. There are some legal requirements you must meet and their guide outlines the other responsibilities you have including being ‘a fit and proper person’.

Once you’ve read all that you still fancy the idea of becoming a driving instructor – that’s where we can help you! A change of career is a big decision to make and we offer a no obligation chat to answer any questions and ensure you’re able to make a fully informed decision – drop us a line.

How can we help?

Just like our other courses, we tailor our instructor training to you so what you see below is an outline of the process.

ADI Part One – Theory & Hazard Perception Test

The studying required for this part of the qualifying process is mainly home study, you’ll be learning the theory that you’ll be demonstrating during your ADI Part Two test and teaching during your lessons and the final qualifying exam, Part Three.
We’ll provide you with the reference materials that you’ll need and provide access to Theory Test Pro so you can take mock exams and familiarise yourself with the “look and feel” of the real thing. We’ll support you through your studies, on-hand to answer any questions or provide explanations.

ADI Part Two – Driving Ability

We’ll work with you to develop your driving to the standard required to pass the test of driving ability, you’ll be demonstrating the knowledge you gained during Part One and the skills you’ll be teaching.

ADI Part Three – Teaching Ability

You’ll learn about different learning styles and adapting your tuition to deliver client-centred training, we’ll offer you the opportunity to sit in on real driving lessons with real learner drivers so you can observe the skills you’ve been working on in practice. Once you have satisfied the required number of hours training, you’ll have the choice to apply for a trainee licence which will allow you to go out and further develop your skills during your own lessons with us supporting you along the way.
On passing your test of teaching ability you are a fully qualified driving instructor!